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Right now you can sponsor a tree for planting. You can sponsor a tree for yourself or a loved one, as a gift or as a memorial to one who has passed on.
What do I get in return?
Every tree we plant has its location recorded with GPS and we will provide you with a Certificate of Appreciation that gives the exact location to you. Watch your trees grow over time using Google Earth. If you would like, with prior arrangment you can even come and visit your own trees. In time we will establish eco-retreats amongst the native forest and we will give anyone sponsoring a tree valuable discounts to come and stay.
Can I choose what sort of tree?
Being this is a unique landscape, we are planting trees that were known to be native to the area before it was cleared. We currently have identified and successfully raised three species of trees. River Red Gum (eucalyptus camaldulensis), White Ironbark (eucalyptus leucoxlyon) and Gondabluie (acacia victoriae) are growing well from seed and flourishing out on our land.

How will you grow and care for my tree?
  • We grow ALL our trees from seed.
  • Where possible we collect seed from the few remaining old giants still growing strong on the land.
  • From seed we then raise seedlings. Seedlings are cared for in green houses until they reach sapling size.
  • Saplings are then hardened to the environment before being planted out on our land.
  • Each tree is planted into a carefully prepared hole, staked, protected and mulched.
  • For the first year we feed and water the tree to ensure it survives for the long term.
What if my tree dies or becomes diseased or sick?
Sick and diseased trees can potentially wipe out many healthy trees around them. In this case we will remove the tree and replace it from our own stocks.
What happens past the first year?
Your tree then becomes a part of our managed woodland. Managed means we take care of essential things like removing fuel load to reduce the impact of wildfire and bushfires. We prune and remove dead limbs and clear undergrowth. In short, we carry out tasks that are keeping your tree in optimal growth condition so it is trapping as much carbon as possbile.
How do I sponsor a tree?
Before we get to that part there are some things we need to point out to you.

Some people advertising on the internet are asking $200 per tree but they give you a fancy bronze plaque.

Others will plant a tree for you in a paddock somewhere owned by another party. We plant your tree on our land, where it is protected from the whims of a third party.

There are other companies that will plant your tree somewhere in a forest in a developing nation, which is a nice thought but developing nations have a habit of wiping out forests for income.

We don't do any of the above. Click here and check out our extremely reasonably priced sponsored tree planting today.
Why should I sponsor a tree with you?
We take a lot of care to raise your tree
Let us compare a few points here.
Important points to ask yourself
Other projects
Our project
Will your trees be raised from local seed?
Seed gathered locally from a known donor is far more likely to produce a strong and successful tree.
From October 2009 ALL of our seed will be sourced from local trees.
Will your trees be protected on the land it is planted?
Many projects plant trees on land owned by many third parties, can you be sure your trees are safe?
Are your trees cared for in the first year?
Since we plant your trees on land we own, getting access to it to care for it is not an issue.
Your trees will be cared for.
Are you able to view your trees to be sure they really were planted?*
We give you the exact GPS coordinates and you are always welcome to come and see your trees with your own eyes.
Will your trees be hardy, long growing, drought tolerant and good for the local eco-climate?
We only plant trees known to be native to the land we have. These are extremely tough trees, able to withstand drought and extremely resilient to wildfire and bushfires. We DO NOT plant foreign trees.
Don't forget the care that your tree will get
We plant trees to survive, not just to make up numbers

  • Your trees will be grown from seed collected from the area.
  • We take great care in raising strong trees.
  • Once planted your trees are watered and cared for until established enough to survive on their own.
  • If your trees become diseased or die, we will replace them.
  • You are welcome (with prior arrangement) to come and see your trees anytime you like.
  • We will give you the exact location so you can see your tree using software such as Google Earth
Now you know how we do things, it is time to act!!
Sponsor a tree planting today
Treat yourself or a loved one to a feel good present by sponsoring a tree today.
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Sometimes we know people just want to donate to a couple of bucks to a worthy cause, you can do that by clicking here
* - with prior arrangement, anyone is welcome to come and see the trees planted on their behalf.
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